The Fall 2019 Standings will be posted here once the season has started and will be updated weekly to reflect the results of the games.


Tie Breaking Procedure

1. Points

2. Head to Head Results

3. Point Diff. (capped at +10 and -10)



Win = 2pts

Tie = 1pt

Loss = 0pts


Point Differential

The number of points your team won or lost by in a game. Each game is capped at +10 and -10.

Example: Team A defeats Team B with a score of 21-7 Team A would receive a Point Diff of +10 while Team B would receive a Point Diff of -10, even though the two teams are separated by 14 points.

If Team B defeats Team A with a score of 14-13 then Team B will receive a Point Diff of +1 and Team A will received -1.

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