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Below is a sample playbook from USA Football. This is not the end all be all of playbooks, it is an educational tool. Coaches are encouraged to adjust these to meet the level of their athletes. A few adjustments that could be made are:

1. Instead of asking players to memorize all of the plays, provide them with the plays drawn out on a wristband. At the end of our Coaches Handbook is a list of useful websites for making plays. 

2. Use numbers for calling plays on a wristband instead of using the full name ( name or route numbers), especially when coaching younger players.

3. Finally, please note that this playbook draws plays in a 5v5 format. Our youth league plays 6v6 and our high school league plays 7v7.

You can download the USA Offensive Playbook Here.


Reach out to Commissioner Michael Dober if you have any questions or want other play ideas.